This installation piece "WATCH LIST" is by Sammy Wood and Andrew Sanker. 
About the piece: Conceptually, we are looking to explore the relationship viewers may have with observance or surveillance. How do they take part as voyeurs and unsuspecting victims? Playing with watching, gaze and intimacy is integral to this project. The idea of perception of oneself can be alarming. We on the daily take practice in watching others, yet we forget that others may be observing us, and that realization or confrontation can be uncanny. The method to which the installation explores this concept is with a combination of projections on objects including glass and mirrors. The projections include a dead loop of the space empty, another with an actual live feed with the other being a mashed-up video piece that is compiled of textures, and colors with abrupt cuts/breaks into footage of public spaces busy or empty, and the followings of a more intimate space or encounter with an individual. We utilized glass and mirrors as “windows”/” screens” for these projections which we mask onto these individual materials. There is an array of content screen-printed onto them to either reinforce or obstruct the imagery placed onto them. We also created mixes of sound to pair with the installation, using ambient sound such as white noise with intermittent breaks for silence. The enclosed private space the piece is installed in also is an interesting element, where you are inviting the viewer into a more closed-off, or private area to watch and be watched.

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